A Few Favourite Things From Le Petit Paris Bakery

Right on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard, Le Petit Paris Bakery – fittingly painted in red, white and blue, offers a unique range of French inspired dishes in the heart of Roseau, Dominica.  It feels like a cross between a rustic café and a modest bakery – which means that it is both inviting and intriguing.

As my bank statement will confirm, Le Petit Paris has been, and still is, one of my favourite food spots in Dominica. The options are plenty, the prices are reasonable, the portions are satisfying, and the flavours are rich.

Since it’s located in the middle of a tourist hub, the place can get full pretty quickly – especially for lunch.  That means there’s less space to stretch out, and you can’t really be selfish with your table if you’re eating solo – but that’s a minor detail.

No matter how full the place has gotten I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes for anything I’ve ordered. Calling ahead to place orders is also an option, and a great one for people with very little time to spare.  The only thing to make this better is…food delivery.

To me, consistency is everything.  So, for the past few months, I’ve ordered some of the same items just to make sure the taste is consistent.  Honestly, everything has tasted the same each time.

If you haven’t already had a pick from the menu, one of my most frequently ordered items is the chicken- pepper pizza.  The eight slice, freshly baked, thin crust delight, topped with chicken slices and sweet green peppers, is hands down a great choice for a solo lunch (and leftovers for dinner) or to share with friends.  It is also one of the cheaper options for whole pizzas in the city.

The spinach – feta quiche is something else worth trying.  I’m usually hesitant to eat anything with spinach, but this dish is incredibly satisfying.  After about three bites, the full taste kicks in.  It’s such a small dish but it is packed with flavour and textures; the filling is firm but soft, and the crust is slightly crunchy without crumbling to dust upon contact.

If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss out on, it’s the burgers. Le Petit Paris makes many of their own sauces including their own mayo – it’s a tangy sauce with a hint of salty/sweetness that’s usually a part of any burger choices. The classic burger – homemade beef steak patties with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and the special LPP sauce is rich and juicy – absolutely delicious. It comes with either fries or salad, but it’s not uncommon to ask for a bit of both.

Besides the scrumptious food options, the pleasant staff make the visit worth your while. Though sometimes, based on the volume of customers, they may not be very attentive. But once you’ve caught their attention they come straight to your table.  The owner is jovial and makes it seem like you’re being invited to his home when he’s around. That personal touch definitely adds to the experience.

Le Petit Paris is a refreshing, unique option from what is otherwise a sea of very similar restaurants.  With delectable menu options and a relaxed, cosy dining room – there are so many things to love.

4 Replies to “A Few Favourite Things From Le Petit Paris Bakery”

  1. Dear Dailey,
    This is so nice to read your words. It looks you perfectly understand what we are doing at LPP. SImple but good food, as fast as possible (we cook fresh from scratch), and with fair prices. We are not cheap and will never be. I cannot sell a burger at $15 if i use real 100% beef. I i will never sell these disgusting US patties where beef comes #4 in the ingredients list. So thank you for being “on our side”. It feels good because its for people like you that we wake up every morning. We wish you a happy new year. We hope that you will achieve your goals and blossom in 2019 despite the difficult environment. Nico & LPP team.

    1. Thank you so much Nico! I hope petit Paris will be around for much longer. I enjoyed dinning there and looking forward to more great experiences.

  2. Just had me some quiche and a salad … stole some of my friends fries and washed it down with delicious local passion fruit juice #nomnomnom 😀

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