Apparently…today is Monday?

Apparently…today is Monday?

It has been 44 days of staying at home. I’ve lost track of time, but I heard today is Monday, so I’ll just go with that.  I really can’t believe how much life has changed in just a few months. 

It still baffles me to think about how an epidemic in a remote city halfway across the world led to a global health care crisis of this magnitude.  Honestly, it’s not just a health care crisis, it’s just a crisis – period.  The entire ordeal has shone a bright and almost blinding light on so many things we often overlook or brush aside.  Things like quality time with loved ones and how fragile the human body can be – something I often forget. It also reminds me of how connected and simultaneously disconnected the world can be; and how events happening in other countries are more of my business than I had initially imagined.  Equally as important, the experience has encouraged me to change the way I do some things while reminding me of how past lessons can be applied.

Like how important it is to educate myself on a topic before I think to share an opinion about it.  I see so many people complain about every aspect of this situation and harshly criticise anyone or anything they deem responsible.  And I didn’t want to join that bandwagon.  While it is perfectly okay to complain and talk about problems, I found that it has been better for me to actively seek solutions to the issues affecting me.  Not only am I too focused on making the most of the situation to complain about what isn’t going my way, but I am also surprised at how much my creative problems solving skills have improved. 

I’ve also made a greater effort to check in on my friends and family, especially the ones who live alone and appear to have everything altogether.  Spending so much time being physically distant reminds me of how important it is to show my loved ones how much I care and to show up for those who are struggling the best way I can. Which means prioritising video calls and texting and check-ins. This is beneficial all around since friends play a significant role in promoting your overall health and staying healthy is critical at this time.

Given all the changes, I’ve altered my routine drastically to accommodate the new emotions, responsibilities, and differences I’ve had to adapt to overtime. In doing so, I’ve managed to improve my productivity while making space for some much-needed downtime.  Even if that’s great news for me I don’t think it’s a reason to look down on someone else who has not been as productive. These are not normal times and it’s not a vacation either, for most of us.  Many people have found themselves suddenly unemployed or struggling with mental and physical health challenges or are still figuring out how to juggle all the additional responsibilities COVID has brought while keeping food on their tables.  Another reminder of why it is important to show compassion – because I may never know the true depth of another’s struggle. That’s another thing, we’re nowhere near ready to deal with the psychological impact of quarantine on our people. But that’s another story.

Still, we’re spending too much time trying to defy authority and challenge decisions instead of taking care of ourselves and our families.  Maybe today is Thursday, but whatever day it is, it’s not too late to start thinking of the bigger picture. We’re all in this together. Check-in with yourself, make sure you are doing your best to get through this. Then secure your household. Once that is taken care of, think about how you can help someone else to secure theirs. If you have skills that can be useful to reach out and offer them if you need help, reach out and ask for it and together we can make it.

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  1. Good reading. It should be of benefit to all readers. Continue to be a productive and contributing member of society and country.

  2. Hey Vyn, love this piece.. I am still very much amazed at how quickly the world shut down. I remember hearing of the virus and thinking that it would not be in this region.

    1. Me too, I really thought it would have some how forget about us. I’m looking forward to the lock downs etc. being over.

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