And the Skeletons Came Tumbling Out

It is easy to overlook the putrid smell of decaying flesh and skeletal remains strewn over a front yard when one is hyper-focused on styling the barebones in the closet of another for their social media week of fame.  

What has happened this week, and I’m convinced will drag on until the end of it, with the parading of the alleged sexual history of one young woman attempting to begin a life in politics, is something that will stay on my mind for a long time. Placing exaggerated emphasis on a woman’s supposed past sex life or escapades at the start of a new chapter in her life is distasteful.  And frankly, those explicit details were very much none of our business. Though the information sounds very vanilla compared to the track records of some of the individuals and children of the same who are currently engaged in the attempt of her social homicide. 

Using someone’s sexual history (true or altered) as a weapon, is not unheard of. Yet, it is mostly women who bear the biggest bruises of the exchange while their male counterparts escape sometimes without a scratch. Michele Henderson said it best in her Facebook post: “There is no equality in scandal. Women are made to feel ashamed of their sexual exploits while men are glorified for theirs. A woman who has had many lovers is shunned as a slut. A man is celebrated as a cassanova… where is the equality in that? And unless a person has committed a criminal offense, what they do in their bedroom is nobody else’s business!”

Contrast whatever you’ve heard with this excerpt from the official website of Noah Dyer on his pervious sex life.  Who’s Noah Dyer? He’s running for Governor of Arizona in the United States. 

He put out the information “to prevent political opponents from creating a scandalous storyline when none exists” he said in an interview with Free Wheel Media.  In another interviewhe admitted that his campaign advisers were worried that he’d be branded as a sexaholic and wouldn’t be able to talk about the issues.  But he continued, “that’s not the response that we’ve gotten. People admire the courage.”See how the masses are not using his sexual history to control or shame him?  And probably after reading you might not care either that a man has had this sort of history.  But I’m sure if that were the history of a female candidate in our society then it would be nothing short of scandalous. 

As this moment fades into a memory I’m reminded that we sometimes drag others in the mud for what happens in their bedrooms because we think no one will find out what we’ve done, or no one will care because we’re wealthy or important or male, or all three. 

I hope we are aware that whatever we may try to hide, which may very well be shoddier than most of what’s already out there, could be on its way to daylight.  

So, what’s in your closet?

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