You Deserve Better

I’ve noticed that too many people settle for less. More surprisingly, they’re unwilling and unmotivated to get what they really want or deserve.

I strive for excellence, and I’ll admit that I’m a recovering perfectionist so I know that the effort I will give to make sure that I get what I want and deserve on a daily basis is not what another person will do.

However, I’ve learnt, and personal experience has shown me that if you really want something (good or bad) then despite all the odds, regardless of what anybody else has to say, you will work to get it. Come hell or high water, you will get it -or die trying.

However, I am disappointed at how so many people, and young people too, settle for less and stay in an unfortunate situation with no plans of abandoning ship.

I guess we’re okay with just fantasizing about a better life, better couch, better body or even a better boyfriend and are comfortable enough to live with the idea that “life will improve eventually” while still stuck in the same unpleasant situation.

It’s baffling that people can complain to me about the job they hate, but they’ve been staff for 20 years. Funny thing is, most of these people aren’t progressing. How is it that after 20 years you’re still working the same job, at the same level and the same capacity as you started?

How can you make such little effort to improve or upgrade and feel like it’s okay to be mad at the people who’ve worked tirelessly to get to where they are, or become envious of their children because they can afford to give them a better life. That doesn’t make any sense.  Also, saying things like: “Oh my surname isn’t Astaphans or Nassief” or “Skerrit not my daddy” are not valid excuses.

I know that people enjoy having the luxuries of life. Everybody wants to sit back in their house and not having to worry about money or bills. Most of us have to work hard and make many sacrifices to get to the place that we feel most satisfied. But some of us are not willing to get out there and put in the work- so we settle, and we never improve and we never get where we want to go.

I understand not having the means to get to your end goal immediately. I do not get not having a plan to make progress (no matter how small) to achieve your dream. So today is a great day to sit down and think of where you are, and where you want to go, and start making strides to get there.

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