Show Time

Almost everyone you know belongs in Hollywood.

Believe it or not, your co-workers, acquaintances, family members and even your church folk “get into character” every time you interact with them.  This makes them excellent actresses and actors, and for those of us who wear our hearts on our sleeves and are not closed off or professional pretenders, this is the perfect set up for being mislead and mistreated.

You get so caught up in the beauty and the illusion of being so close to someone that you think you know them. Often, you bare your soul and share your ideas, feelings and experiences with people who are using you as a pawn to get ahead in life. Most times the person being deceived is oblivious to what is happening around them, and they willingly and foolishly accept everyone as genuine and operating in their best interest.

Unfortunately, this is the type of thinking that leaves us hurt and confused; crying to our mothers and our spouses about how great we thought this person was until something unexpected, or out of ‘character’ happens. Quickly and much to our dismay, the illusions start crashing down, and we’re the only ones feeling delusional.

At this point, I believe it’s safe to say that we don’t really know anybody. For the most part, we only know what people want us to know, or what they want us to believe that we know. Once they’ve reached a certain age, most people start wearing different faces. That is to say, their behaviour changes – drastically I may add, according to the situation they find themselves. Granted, there is a time and place for everything and the way you behave at a board meeting shouldn’t be the same as a party.

However, pretending to be friends with someone in their presence and dragging them under the bus when they aren’t around – makes for good television, not great relationships.  Lying about yourself or about others to make yourself more relatable also makes for good television. But time and time again these situations are our reality. Alluding to the fact that everything isn’t as they seem and everyone can be great at putting on a show.

You should know: people pretending to be interested in your life want to know the most intimate details so that they can use it against you when the time comes. Don’t let that happen. Keep your utmost personal feelings to yourself until you can truly trust those in your innermost circle.

But, be careful who you spend your time with, but most importantly, remember that everyone doesn’t need to know everything about you. This, I’m sure is a tactic meant to protect you.

It’s sad that society forces us to stray away from our purest form. That we’re not free to laugh or speak or cry as we find it fit, because it’s not appropriate. We are forced to become who they want us to be, while they scream “you’re something special!” But soon enough, you’ll realize it wasn’t as close to the truth as you would have hoped. You’re too special, too different, too free and someone, somewhere isn’t happy about it.  So they’ll make you feel special, more than you’d ever hoped to be, while they break you to pieces and shove you into a box effectively shattering your will and your spirit and confining you to a space where you are nearly guaranteed to stay.

Protect yourself against this. Shield your heart and your mind, find holes in the pseudo friendliness and use it to your advantage. Don’t let them change you into a bitter, cold, paranoid person with trust issues. Own the situation, but never lose control. You don’t have to survive, you have to live. You were born free and so you shall holistically remain.

If you are surrounded by actors don’t let them make you feel that there is no genuine person left. I’m telling you that real people exist. There are good people with no hidden agenda who will tell it to you straight to chaser – for your good.

Keep your eyes and ears open and make sure that you are alert with what is happening around you at all times. Let people think you’ve been fooled if you have to, but never lose yourself.

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