Hats off to the #Lévé Domnik Movement and their partners for this powerful and timely initiative.

An impressive crowd showed up in Roseau on Saturday to join the Lévé Domnik Movement in its fight against gender based violence. The participants shared clear messages denouncing victim blaming and sexual harassment while providing fresh perspectives/ responses to an age old issue.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs – Helen Royer

Co-Founder of the Lévé Domnik Movement – Khadijah Moore

Miss DSC Mas Jamboree 2017 – Shayanne Dorsett

Brownies in Action!







2 comments on “Reclaim Our Streets -Lévé Domnik Solidarity March (2017)
  1. Dr. Daniel Jordan says:

    On our last trip to Dominica, I witnessed a repulsive young man spewing the most vile, hateful words at a young woman as she walked by. As only a part time Dominican, I wasn’t sure of my place to intervene, but I was ashamed for the men of Dominica to think that this is how even one of them would behave. The men of Dominica need to stand up and teach the young men coming up that such behavior is not acceptable. That women are equal to them.

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