Power Came, Tears Flowed

This one woman was screaming her guts out, another was cheering, and dancing and a small
crowd gathered to witness household after household receive power. It had been nearly 6 months
since most us turned on a light switch – it was a moment for champagne, lots of champagne.
Actually, we should have thrown a party and invited the men from Domlec and Electrical

Turning on a light switch without the obnoxious buzz of a generator, and without speeding
through everything because darkness takes over from 10 pm, was a strange sensation. I still can’t
believe I can turn on my bathroom light at 4 am and it works!

When the power finally came on I was so ecstatic, I cried. I turned on every light switch just to
make sure and gleefully turned switches off and on simply because I could not before. Well, I
could but it would have made very little sense.

It is unbelievable that I’m looking forward to machine-washing my clothes. Spending hours at a
time washing clothes by hand was no easy task but doing that each week made me appreciate
having a machine so much more.

The experience taught me so many things. Go to bed at a reasonable time; enjoy the moon light;
make the most out of the natural light; do not procrastinate. You don’t need to spend all those
hours on the internet. Speak more to the people around you. Plan to go out with your friends and
then enjoy it. Spend time outside, get to know who your neighbours are and look out for the
people around you.

It was such a relief listening to my fridge hum, I’m looking forward to putting milk in it and
having it last a few days instead of one. I can’t wait to meal prep, iron, binge watch Netflix and
do laundry.

Honestly, having power and other amenities we often take for granted; we waste, and we
complain about everything and never say thank you. Sad to say, it is only after we no longer have
access to these things do we note their significance in our lives – like reliable internet for
example. It shows you how everything is connected; there is no Wi-Fi or cable or washing
machine without power.

I know it’s not an easy job making those power connections. For a few days and nights, I took a
close look at the brave men from Domlec. They arrived early and often left well after 9 at night.

I remember holding my breath as lines men climbed shaky poles and listened as they dealt with
frustrated and eager customers as they bombarded them with question after question.
I don’t know how else to express the joy that I’m feeling about finally being reconnected to the
power grid. I know the company must be stretched but my goodness: well done and hats off.
Thank you for everything.

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