Christmas Lust List

Can you imagine a Christmas with everything you’ve always wanted for the season? I’m not sure of exactly what you want, but listening around I think I understand what most people are ‘lusting’ after this year. No, it has nothing to do with the iPhone6 or a trip to Dubai. Instead, what people seem to really want is:

More family time
Okay, I know you’re having Christmas dinner with your family, but every year you realize that you’ve missed out on a very big chunk of your family’s life. And every year you want to spend more time with them. So you make excuses, but you know that you should; so every Christmas you go on a guilt trip, and when you return you wish you had spent more time with you crazy, difficult, amazing, weird family.

Sure it seems like a dream but having more quality family time isn’t that far from our reach. It wouldn’t hurt to ditch the company party, or to plan a proper family day to facilitate some quality time with the people who matter the most.

A Clean House
Somehow, between all the shopping, long working hours and crazy deadlines, house cleaning almost always comes last on most holiday to-do lists. In the end, most people try to run a marathon and clean the entire house 2 days before Christmas.

Now unless your entire abode consists of only one room, then that cleaning frenzy will leave you overworked and extremely tired come Dec. 25. Even then, only 3 rooms get cleaned, and the porch if you could squeeze in
an extra 30 minutes. So yes, a clean house definitely makes one of the most important on the lust list.

With the house, especially if you’re not the only one living there, the work load can be distributed so that everyone can contribute, so that the work is done simultaneously, and efficiently, and hopefully quickly. Obviously, cleaning the entire house on Christmas Eve makes no sense – and it never did. It’s better to start 1-2 weeks before, and do the biggest projects earlier. That way, a few days before Christmas you can simply do light sweeping and dusting to make everything tidier.

To eat good food without the additional pounds
After Christmas, many people feel like a stuffed turkey… and soon enough they start to look like a stuffed turkey too. From there it’s either they wish they hadn’t eaten so much, or they pretend that they’re the same size from before they started eating all the Christmas goodies and flaunt all their extra curves.

Either way, everyone without a super-fast metabolic rate wishes that they could just eat whatever they wanted for Christmas without having their hips and stomach expand.On that note, I think I should say, that it’s okay to stuff your face this season, I mean come on its Christmas! But, watch how often, and in what quantities your face stuffing takes place. Ultimately, it’s horrible to have all those extra pounds just sticking out in the most unflattering places while you’re promising yourself that you’ll start going to the gym next year (and I really hope that you do).

To have money for January
Let’s face it, too many of us are broke come January 8th. From then, we’re scrapping, struggling and draining what’s left of your savings just to make it through; so many of us just want some extra change to roll over into the New Year.

Okay,honestly, having a lot of money for January may be a little off, but it’s not completely impossible. Trust me, okay? If you haven’t already created a budget, make one as soon as possible! Make sure to separate money to pay your bills first because DOMLEC cutting off lights in the middle of January isn’t cute. Thereafter, separate the money that you’ll need till your next pay check, what’s left over is what you have to splurge on. If that’s not enough, and you have money in the bank that you can use from, you still need to stick to your budget. If you don’t blow it, then you should be okay come the third week in January.

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