Let Us Be Great

I’m so tired of people highlighting the negative attributes of my generation and not even a brief moment of acknowledgement is given to our many accomplishments. I’m beginning to wonder if the upcoming generation is a lost cause, or has there been an over emphasis on the few of us who are heading in the wrong direction.

Those of us who are trying our best to stay on the straight and narrow, those of us who are making our families and our country proud and those of us who are living testimonies of success don’t get enough credit. Actually, it feels like there is an obvious attempt to hinder our progress and to frustrate us to a point where we are destined to edge on the brink of no return and fall over. What a shame.

Shame on the people who make it their duty to hinder the progress of the youth and are so caught up with their ego and their accomplishments that they are hell bent on blocking the road of success for everyone who comes after them. They pretend that they want to see us do well and make something out of ourselves. But the moment we make the slightest attempt to do better, the essence of our spirit start to bleed out from the knives stuck in our backs. To me that’s code for “You can do well, but not better than me.”

Soon after, a cloud of confusion and distrust falls over us and the entire experience leaves us with bitter tastes in our mouths coupled with a reluctance to try.

Many people live for the moment when they’ve finally broken your spirit and have erased any sign of you ever making a name for yourself. So they lie, cheat, scam and throw you in the line of fire with not so much as instructions of how to use the nearest extinguisher. After a while, the oppression of those who can facilitate the change to make a difference kills all of our enthusiasm and turns us into cold, heartless beings who do the bare minimum to survive, nothing more – sometimes less.

That gives way to mediocrity, and after a while we won’t care enough to want more from anybody, or any institution. We stop resisting, and we stop trying to be better or to make a difference which supports the notion that this generation is hopeless.

It seems like some are threatened by our intelligence, creativity, our enthusiasm and our love for life which is why they don’t want us to be great- ever. And they’ll do anything to keep us subdued and make up poor excuses for their distasteful behavior.  But the time will come where we will be fed up of being called the “backward generation” and we will assume our position to continue our destiny to greatness regardless of who wants to acknowledge our success. They will have no choice but to sit back and let us be great.

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